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Building the Vision: Capturing Construction's Journey

One of the main focuses of our team is the documentation of constructions, with which we try to show all the work involved in the creation of such architectural masterpieces. From inception to completion, we diligently record the various stages and create a vivid narrative of architectural development. In this way, the stories behind the structures become visible as we document outstanding milestones and moments of inspiration, providing unparalleled insight into the construction process. We do all this not only in photos but also in video.

We are so lucky that, thanks to our clients, we were able to be there during the construction of the Hungarian Music House, the Museum of Ethnography, the National Athletic Center, the MOL Campus, the Hungarian State Opera House, the Hungexpo, the National Media and Communications Authority, the MVM Dome and the Alba Arena too.

Building of Hungarian House of Music 2020-23
Client: Városliget Zrt.

Hungarian House of Music

Hungarian House of Music