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Onehundredthousand Steps

A hungarian architectural photographer in Dubai

Gulf Photo Plus 2019 - Mike Kelley's workshop

In 2019 February I took my first flight ever to get to Dubai, where I was going to attend Mike Kelley's workshop organized by Gulf Photo Plus. This was a great opportunity to meet Mike, and to learn a lot. Between the workshop hours I walked around Dubai downtown business area, and tried to get some nice images. In 4 days I walked a bit more than 100.000 steps, almost 70 kilometers. I even got access to one of the best views of the city, to the 42th floor of the Shangri-La Hotel, which has his own hashtag on instagram: #meandtheviewat42​.

I will post the images in separated groups: MyDubaiDowntown, Dubai B&W, Architectural photographer as a tourist, OPUS by Zaha Hadid and O-14 by Reiser + Umemoto, Mike Kelley's workshop at GPP


Dubai B&W

Architectural photographer as a tourist

Mike Kelley's workshop at GPP